Truth About You


Truth About You

The Two Minute Truth About You

Have your ever felt pushed aside?  Marginalization means exactly that---being pushed to the margins. It may look like being rejected or cast aside. And it is commonly accompanied by feeling disregarded, dismissed, forgotten, worthless or irrelevant. Maybe you still feel that way. Yet this is not your identity! You are who God says you are. You are loved, remembered, accepted and valued. You are God’s treasure. You matter to Him and you matter to us!

Regardless of how other people have treated you, you can begin to erase the margins that have held you back from embracing God's truth about you. It begins by recognizing “the lie”---the thing you believe about yourself that you or others have said or implied. Then replace the lie with “the truth”---what God says about you. Renounce your association with that lie and receive all God has in exchange!

Knowing and believing the truth about you sets you free. You can begin renewing your mind as well as what you see in your reflection --- in just two minutes. 

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Veering of Staying the Course? Stay out of the ditch with the video. Shot in London.

Balanced or Upside Down? Oh dear… Sometimes ya gotta wonder… Shot in Vevey, Switzerland

What is your relationship with time? Anchored or Sailing With the Wind? Shot in Pietermaai, Curacao.

Chaotic or Peaceful? Have you ever let life get in the way, forfeit your joy or steal your attention? Shot in San Diego.

On course or on a detour? Have you ever wondered: How did I ever wind up HERE”? Shot in Durango, Colorado after escaping Silverton.

Isolated or Connected? What comes to mind when you hear that? Shot in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Citizen or Outsider? Sometimes people ask "Where are you from?". Often we associate that question with rights, responsibilities and the culture of a certain place. Recorded in the Czech Republic, this video brings a new perspective to the term citizenship - God's perspective!

Thirsty or Refreshed? The Two Minute Truth About You. How are you feeling this hot hot hot summer? This Truth was recorded in Tucson, Arizona, home of saquaro cactus in the Sonoran Desert.

A Nobody or a VIP? How do you feel? Learn more about your identity and admire this little sidekick that photo bombed the video in Denver, Colorado.

Victim or Victor? This poignant mural in Punda, Curacao states:

They come.

They take.

They don’t ask.

And we let them.

Invisible or Adored? Have you ever felt invisible? If we are honest with ourselves, we could all say yes. I sure have and share more about that and God's truth about that in this Two Minute Truth About You video shot near San Francisco.

Powerful or Powerless? This Two Minute Truth About You was filmed at Bill Hester Galleries in Santa Fe, New Mexico. That's Bill carrying in a sculpture at closing time....or maybe that's just his little friend he carries around Santa Fe like a blankie...or maybe it is simply art appreciation.

Ugly or Beautiful? This Two Minute Truth About You begins in Hemel Hempstead near London, England. This town was voted Ugliest Town in Britain. Not only do I not agree, I think that's just plain mean! Anyway...

Independent or Dependent? The Two Minute Truth About You.  What do you think about you? Live from Helsinki, Finland

Honored or Disrespected?  The Two Minute Truth About You.  Shot in the Siloz Community in Medgidia, Romania, after we had a discussion in the community about what honoring someone looks like and what being honored feels like.

God, The Grinch and You!  What the what? Mountaintop or Valley? The Two Minute Truth About You. Shot at Bell Rock on a hike in Sedona, Arizona.

Limited or Lavished? The Two Minute Truth About You. Shot on the streets of Peitermaai in the island country of Curacao!

Avoided or Pursued? The Two Minute Truth About You. Shot in Curaco!

In a Rut or Transformed? The Two Minute Truth About You. Shot in Punda, Curacao at the Peitermaai area. Isn't this powerful street art?

Anchored or Tumbling? The Two Minute Truth About You. Reflections on tumbleweeds from in the middle of "somewhere" in southwest Texas.

Assurances or What Ifs? The Two Minute Truth About You. A heartfelt video shot at my kid's grave in Medgidia, Romania.


Trash or Treasure?  Two Minute Truth About You. Shot at the trash near Balada in Medgidia, Romania. Lots to reflect on...


Fenced In or Free?  The Two Minute Truth About You filmed near Akwesasne Territory, home of the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe who taught me a whole lot in a little bit of time.

Jeered or Cheered?  The Two Minute Truth About You. Shot at my first grade playground in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Did it shrink?


Hidden or Exposed? The Two Minute Truth About You filmed in Saipan in the Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands, home of stunning beaches, WWII wreckage and generous Chomorran people.


Known or Unknown? The Two Minute Truth About You, our first video, filmed in Saipan in the Commonwelath of Northen Mariana Islands---a beautiful place to reflect and replenish.

Remember, you matter to us and you matter to God.

Be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Romans 12:2

Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.
John 8:32