We value your generosity and we value you!

When you give to us at Daffodils From Heaven, you give to people who are marginalized---cast aside, forgotten, or seen as irrelevant. Our passion is to see every marginalized person enjoy the opportunity to know he or she is loved, valued and significant. Our focus in Romania is on the Roma although we help many others too.

Our message is simple: You matter to God and you matter to us! We deliver this message with love from you.

When you give to Daffodils From Heaven, you are:

  • Loving and Providing for Babies Abandoned at the Hospital

  • Helping Deter Teenage Girls from Trafficking or Prostitution

  • Feeding Kids and Families in Poverty

  • Providing Outings for Orphaned Children

  • Bringing Compassion and Healing to the Traumatized and Broken

  • Creating Dreamers Whose Dreams are Answered!

  • Delivering Hope Through Visits, Prayer and Discipleship

You can choose to donate a one-time gift of any amount or give a monthly contribution to meet ongoing needs.


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