About Us


About Us

Meet the President/Founder

Since childhood, Sora Annie Glenn has had compassion for others who experienced being pushed aside, disregarded or dismissed.  She knew the sting of marginalization and wanted to help others find joy, healing and freedom like she did.  She founded Daffodils From Heaven, Inc., as a 501c(3) non-profit organization to help the marginalized and to bring awareness about marginalization.

Sora Annie keeps one foot planted in the United States and the other in Romania. She soars when she imparts God's love, whether through "random" or planned encounters.  Annie particularly enjoys house-to-house visits locally or globally to invest her heart into people who seldom, if ever, have love delivered to their door---particularly the Roma of Medgidia, Romania.  She is a "shutterbug" and you will see her photography throughout our site.  

Sora Annie delights in inspiring others to see and progress in their divine purpose. Her message to you is simple:  “You matter to God and you matter to me!”


Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision and Mission


Our vision is all marginalized people receiving and living out the truth

that they are loved, valued and significant.


Daffodils From Heaven will reach the marginalized by delivering Christ’s affection,
imparting God’s truth and inspiring action in response.
Daffodils From Heaven will also raise awareness about marginalization
and provide resources to overcome its impact.


Love in Action

Love in Action

Living out the mission of Daffodils From Heaven is fun and fulfilling!  

We deliver Christ’s affection and compassion by meeting people where they are, literally and figuratively. That is often going house-to-house visiting people, getting to know them, praying with them and building relationships. Trust takes time. We visit the marginalized in orphanages, prisons, hospitals, homes, on the streets---wherever they are.

Often we meet basic needs like provide food for the hungry and water for the thirsty. We also help people learn life skills and have creative activities such as mural painting. We may just go hold and pray over abandoned children at the hospital. Sometimes we buy medications, purchase school supplies or provide clothing. But all the time, we provide Christian outreach by encouraging people, praying for them and sharing God's truth about them. Often people simply need to be loved and heard.

We impart God’s truth by first, living it out. That means being authentic, sharing life experiences and sharing what God has done in our lives.  It means sharing wisdom too, and explaining more about God in practical ways.

Our resources help raise awareness of and help people overcome marginalization.  The Two Minute Truth About You mini-video series give insight into how to overcome lies we believe with by replacing it with God's truth.

Our children’s picture book, The Daffodil Diary, was released on Thanksgiving 2017 - how appropriate a launch date as we are so incredibly thankful to share its comforting message of hope and acceptance to readers who feel or have felt left out, unheard, forgotten or invisible.  It was simultaneously released in Romanian:  Jurnalul Narcisei and is available as a Kindle Book, an audio book and a printed book.  El diario de Flor (Spanish version) was released in July 2018. The Daffodil Diary isn't merely a sweet story---although it is that as well---it is a tool to understand more about marginalization.  It inspires kids and adults who are wondering if they are seen, heard or understood. It also shows how friendship with God and each other bridges the gaps from isolation.  100% - yes every penny from sales --- will provide free books to kids and some adults too that need this important message.  When you buy a book or designate a donation for books, we give 'em away!

Lots is happening!  Check out our Roma/Romania page for more photos and information on Daffodils From Heaven in action in eastern Europe.


Core Values

Core Values


The foundation of our core values is that YOU are valued.

We value you and God does too!

Chosen & Adopted

You are not fatherless, alone or an orphan. God chose you.  When you say YES to Him,  you are adopted into His family.

Hope & A Future

You are not just taking up space in this world, wandering about aimlessly. God has plans for you, plans of hope and a future. Live intentionally and make each moment matter.

Integrity & Truth

Being authentic means being vulnerable and living a life of integrity. Living in truth brings closer relationships with God and others---true intimacy.

Known & Loved

You are known completely and loved unconditionally.  Nobody can steal that from you. So there!

Seen & Heard

Although you may feel unnoticed or invisible, you are seen and heard! God has His eye on you and it makes Him happy just to see you. He hears your heart and is listening closely.  In fact, He is thinking of you right now.